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CaptainYS's Flight Logbook 2020

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Happy New Year!

I haven't been able to fly this year due to bad weather yet.

So far, I have:

Total Flying Time    683.7

Total Landings    1737

Total Night Landings    146

PIC    600.7

Solo    121.3

Cross Country as PIC    210.7

Night PIC    38.1

Dual Instruction    285.2

Dual Cross Country    30.5

Dual Night    26.3

Hood    108.9

Actual IMC    9.1

Approaches    266

Holdings   52

PCATD    5.3

Birds Killed    2 (Rest In Peace....)

Flight schools are extremely crowded recently.  So I've joind Beaver Valley Flying club.  I hope I can fly more cross countries this year.

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