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Sword Edge was originally developed for a PC called FM-TOWNS, which I believe the best PC of 80386 and 486 era, and I ported it to Windows.  If you are a retro-game fan, you must have noticed that the screen looks similar to Dragon Buster ((c) namco).  In fact, I was inspired by Dragon Buster and developed this game.

I was 14 year old when I saw Dragon Buster for the first time, and I remember I deposited loads of coins to that game.  I was not a good player at all, and couldn't go beyond ROUND 4.  Once I spent a little more coins for continuing and reached ROUND 7, but bankrupted before reaching ROUND 8.  I liked that game so much, and I expected swing-sword type game would break.  My expectation was soon proven wrong.  That's why I don't buy stocks.

That time, I was using an 8-bit PC called FM77AV manufactured by Fujitsu.  After Dragon Buster arcades disappeared Dragon Buster was ported to FM77AV.  Of course, I purchased right away and spent nights playing the ported version.

However, the era of 8-bit PCs were over, and I started using a 32-bit PC called FM-TOWNS, also manufactured by Fujitsu.  When I switched to FM-TOWNS, I was no longer able to play Dragon Buster.  I could not play it until Namco sold Namco Museum Vol.2 for Sony Play Station.  (I purchased Play Station only for playing Namco Museum Vol.2)

After FM77AV and before Play Station, when I was using FM-TOWNS, I couldn't play Dragon Buster for several years.  During that time, I decided to build something similar by myself.  So, the purpose of developing this game was to play by myself, but actually because I knew all the features, I couldn't enjoy the game much.  But, when I ported it to Windows couple of weeks ago (I'm writing this paragraph on 09/27/2005,) I didn't remember tricks and secrets I embedded in the game.  Finally, 12 years after the development of the original FM-TOWNS version I could enjoy this game :-)

If you play it from the beginning to the end, you can waste about 30 minutes.

For Windows: Get it from CNET Download.com!

For Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 8.04): [Download]

For MacOS X: Get it from CNET Download.com!

[Update Information]

Sword Edge for Linux, Sword Edge for Mac OS X bug fix:  The program was crashing during the ending message.  The problem has been fixed.

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