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CMU, Pittsburgh, etc.

Carnegie Mellon University - I'm working here.
Computer Integrated Engineering Lab - Where my office is located.


Air Force Link - The official web site of the United States Air Force
AirNav - Detailed information of the airports.  I usually check TAFs and METERs of the Allegheny County Airport with this site.
Concorde supersonic jet
Helicopter History Site
Japanese Air Self-Defense Force - The official web site of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
Live Skyward
Quantum Helicopters - I got my private certificate from this flight school.  (They no longer offer fixed wing training, though.)
Viggen's Corner - A fan site of SAAB 37 Viggen
U.S. Navy Blue Angels - The official web site of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels
U.S. Navy - The official web site of the United States Navy

3D Graphics, Computers, and Programming

Screen Saver Heaven - Large selection of screensavers

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