2003/06/11, 12 Matsushima Airbase (plus some photos from Tokyo International Airport)



I visited Japan in June 2003 for getting J-1 exchange program visa.  I needed it for working in U.S. as a researcher, and being able to go out from and come back to U.S. freely, which is necessary for visiting England to take photos of Concorde. Also I used this opportunity to practice for Concorde photo tour.

1-01.JPG (152020 bytes) Some civilian airliners.  Taken from the observation deck of Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport.
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1-04.JPG (156140 bytes)
1-05.JPG (155973 bytes)
1-09.JPG (156259 bytes)
1-12.JPG (159696 bytes)
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1-14.JPG (153198 bytes)
1-15.JPG (159297 bytes)
1-23.JPG (138978 bytes)
1-32.JPG (137550 bytes) T-2 taking off.  It's one of the Japanese made airplanes.  But, T-2 had retired and this shot became my last opportunity to take photos of T-2.  In these days, there are many last photo opportunities like Concorde, T-2, and F-14  :-(
1-33.JPG (149259 bytes) This particular one was used in the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force's aerobatic team - Blue Impulse - before they switched the airplane to T-4.  The color scheme of this one is from Blue Impulse's color scheme.
1-34.JPG (138146 bytes)
1-35.JPG (127088 bytes)
1-36.JPG (130503 bytes)
1-37.JPG (134517 bytes)
2-02.JPG (104341 bytes) T-4 Blue Impulse.  I was practicing taking photos of landings for Concorde photo tour.
2-04.JPG (104319 bytes)
2-07.JPG (100709 bytes)
2-10.JPG (101795 bytes)
2-12.JPG (103828 bytes)
2-13.JPG (105934 bytes)
2-37.JPG (88261 bytes) T-2 again.
3-05.JPG (163284 bytes) F-2 being towed to the engine test facility near RW33.
3-06.JPG (154778 bytes)
3-07.JPG (118860 bytes) T-2 again.  I think it was doing touch & goes.
3-09.JPG (109746 bytes)
3-10.JPG (106482 bytes)
3-11.JPG (111303 bytes)
3-12.JPG (122311 bytes) T-2 with normal color scheme.
3-16.JPG (112916 bytes) Take-offs of F-2.
3-18.JPG (124198 bytes)
3-19.JPG (123905 bytes)
3-20.JPG (121167 bytes)
3-21.JPG (117456 bytes)
3-24.JPG (120573 bytes) T-4 Blue Impulse taking off for the practice session above Matsushima Airbase.
4-18.JPG (86435 bytes)
4-21.JPG (89244 bytes)
4-23.JPG (90853 bytes) Sometimes one or two airplanes are missing in the practice session.  No six was missing in this session.
4-24.JPG (75932 bytes)
4-29.JPG (93271 bytes) T-2.
4-30.JPG (92055 bytes)
4-34.JPG (128266 bytes)
4-35.JPG (138532 bytes)
4-36.JPG (118554 bytes)
4-37.JPG (128076 bytes)
5-04.JPG (110599 bytes) T-4 Blue Impulse coming back from the practice session.
5-08.JPG (102699 bytes)

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