Wings Over Pittsburgh Airshow 

June 19-20 at Pittsburgh International Airport/Airforce Reserve Base

This one probably was my very last chance to see F-14 Tomcat in the air.  I remember I was so excited to see F-14 for the first time when U.S.S. Independence came to Yokosuka U.S. Navy base in Japan and carrier aircrafts landed at Atsugi U.S. Navy Airbase.  Now F-14s are retiring (actually I saw one scrapped on the perimeter fence of Atsugi base this summer) and they are all becoming history.  So, my main target in this airshow was no doubt the F-14 flight demonstration.

1-22.JPG (88986 bytes) F-15's knife edge pass.  Its bank angle was too steep and the sun was lighting the other side of the airplane.
1-33.JPG (120329 bytes) F-15 and P-15's heritage formation.
2-02.JPG (145128 bytes) F-14 Taxing out for the flight demonstration.
2-03.jpg (113418 bytes) (Taxing out)
2-31.JPG (85536 bytes) Low pass in the landing configuration.
2-34.JPG (81213 bytes) High speed low altitude pass
2-35.JPG (85113 bytes) High speed low altitude pass (continued)
3-04.JPG (110900 bytes) Another high speed low altitude pass.
3-05.JPG (94909 bytes) (continued from the above)
3-06.JPG (87893 bytes) (continued from the above)
3-07.JPG (112668 bytes) (continued from the above)
3-12.JPG (110330 bytes) And, F-14 finished the flight demonstration for the first day of the airshow.
3-15.JPG (125401 bytes) (continued)
3-18.JPG (168700 bytes) Taxing back to the ramp with the American flag.
3-23.JPG (79164 bytes) The second day.  B-2 fly-by.  It always becomes just a black silhouette in the picture :-(
3-31.JPG (94040 bytes) F-117 fly-by.
3-32.JPG (93292 bytes) F-117 fly-by (continued).  If I had known F-117 was making such a low altitude fly-by, I should have prepared for it.  I missed couple of good opportunities :-(  Next time, I'll not miss it.
5-01.JPG (105045 bytes) F-14 airborne for the second day's aerobatic.
5-24.JPG (96935 bytes) Landing configuration slow speed pass.
5-26.JPG (100948 bytes) Turning on the afterburner after the slow speed pass.
5-28.JPG (82425 bytes) Look at the beautiful afterburner.
5-29.JPG (84147 bytes) I like this picture.  It came very well.
5-31.JPG (88911 bytes) High speed low pass.
5-32.JPG (91339 bytes) It's one of my best shots of F-14!
5-35.JPG (114871 bytes) High speed low pass, continued from the above.
5-36.JPG (109378 bytes) High speed low pass, continued from the above.
6-20.JPG (146112 bytes) Another high speed low pass.
6-21.JPG (149814 bytes) I think it's my best shot of F-14.
6-23.JPG (153102 bytes) continued from the above.
6-24.JPG (82555 bytes) continued from the above.

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