08/28/2004 Toledo Airshow



 I visited for the first time Toledo airshow this year.  The airshow continued for two days, but I went there only for the first day.  On that day, the weather was not good at all.  We had clear sky only short time in the afternoon, but it got cloudy by the time of Thunderbirds.  So, Thunderbirds performed a flat show.  No loop, no bomb burst upward.  It was my only one opportunity to watch Thunderbirds this year, so, I was very disappointed with the bad weather.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the airshow very much.  Eventually, Airforce One landed at the end of the airshow.  (Strictly speaking, the airplane is called as airforce one only when it is carrying the president.  The airplane apparently came to Toledo to pick up President Bush from the election campaign in Ohio, so it was not airforce one when I saw it)  I didn't take a photo, though.  I also saw some Boeing 727s and DC-8s.  I think I'll go there again to take photos of those near-vintage airplanes. 

    Heritage Formation F-15 and P-51

P-38 Lightning

B-25 Mitchell.  A little out of focus.

F-4U Corsair


Red Baron Stearman Squadron.

USAF Thunderbirds.  They changed BGM this year.  I personally like the previous selection of songs better.

  I tried to aim at the surprise pass again.  This one is not bad.

  And, I again got a close up look of afterburner.   :-P




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