2005/07/09-10 Wings Over Pittsburgh



Photos from Wings Over Pittsburgh airshow, organized by the 911th Airlift Wing.  This year, Air Force Thunderbirds flew on both two days of the show.  F-15 and F-18 flew aerobatic demonstrations, and civilian aerobatic teams including famous Sean D. Tucker participated the show.

But, the 911th Airlift Wing is included in the base closure list of the latest U.S. defense reform.  Now local politicians are working to overturn the decision, but if they fail, this year's airshow will be the last Pittsburgh airshow.  Personally, I want them to keep 911th airlift wing.

T-6 Texan
U.S. Jet Aerobatic Team
F-15C aerobatic.  It was a humid day, and I could see this nice vapor trails.
F-15C's dedication pass.  It's a nice angle, but the sun was behind the airplane.  The airplane became a bit too dark.
Sean D. Tucker's Oracle Challenger.
Thunderbirds diamond.

I tried to take the surprise pass, which comes after Trail to Diamond Roll.  Well, I got slightly better picture than a close-up look of afterburner.

F-15C aerobatic on the second day.  Again, it became a bit dark.
Thunderbirds on the second day.
I zoomed too much.
I almost got it!  Just a little bit of the tail was out of the frame.
Clearly it shows an improvement from the last year's close up look of afterburner.  Now I captured much more frontal portion.
One point cross after Bomb Burst Upward.  Perfect timing, isn't it?


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