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Photos of the birds and animals mainly taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near Carnegie Mellon University and Shenley Park

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Spring has come!  Finally! .... and gone.

It was a nice warm day with clear sky.  For the first time of this year, I walked to CMU.  I was not expecting to have a good photo-opportunity on the first day, but a friendly Mockingbird came very close to me.  Also a Blue Jay landed on a nearby branch and stayed for a few seconds.  I was able to capture that moment.

I was (probably everyone was) enjoying a nice spring day, but spring is over in one day.  We are having a not-so-warm rain, and expecting below-freezing high temperature tomorrow.  The spring will be open for business again in the weekend, forecast says.

I realized I totally forgot uploading Hummingbird photos from last year.  I just forgot.  I am still taking pictures of birds.  I'll upload those pictures when I have time to organize them.

Also, I separated older pictures in here.

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