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What's Polygon Crest?

This program is a polygon editor. Maybe more commonly called a polygon modeler. You can call whichever comfortable for you. The main purpose is to build aircraft and ground visual models for YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR, but you can use it for making general polygonal models. If you make a correct solid model, you can export the data for 3D printing, for example. I wanted to make it easy to create aircraft models, so this program can quickly make a popular airfoils, and extrude along the wing leading and trailing edges. It also has basic boolean operations and rounding functions as well.

How to use?

Usage can be found in the following URLs.

http://polycre.help.en.ysflight.com/ (English)

http://polycre.help.jp.ysflight.com/ (Japanese)

Donations are welcome

Polygon Crest is a fre and open-source program.  Therefore, you can use it for free of charge.  However, I appreciate if you donate some money for supporting the development.  For making donation, please send some money via PayPal using the following button.

I will use the donated money for upgrading my developing environment, buying books for learning new programming techniques, maintaining and adding contents in YSFLIGHT.COM.  Thank you for your support!


Version 20150329

[For MacOSX & Linux] (Linux binary is also included in the Mac OSX package.)

[For Windows]



  • Digitally signed Mac OSX binary.  You should be able to run the program without warning.  If your setting only allows App Store applications, you will need to change the security setting to allow App Store & digitally signed by known developers (or something like that.)
  • Linux binary is bundled in the Mac OSX package.  You can run LinuxInstaller.py in the zip file, which will create an icon on the desktop.  If it works well, I'm going to do the same for YSFLIGHT.
  • Now YSFLIGHT shares the same data structure of dynamic model (.DNM) with PolygonCrest.  From the next version on, if you can open the .DNM file with PolygonCrest, it should (is supposed to) appear the same in YSFLIGHT.
  • Imprinting:  You can imprinting a polygon or a constraint edge to a nearby polygons by selecting a polygon and then select Edit->Projection->Imprinting.
  • Sewing:  You can select two vertices and select Edit->Local Operations->Sew between two vertices.  Vertices will be created between the selected vertices and polygons along the path will be split.


  • Polygon Crest for Linux: You can really use the system clipboard.  (Now it's closed inside Polygon Crest program)
  • Input/Output of Wavefront .OBJ format files.
  • Add "Recently Used Files"
  • Color Palette dialog.
  • Polygon Crest for Windows: Erased a false error message on start up.  (It only appeared when I build in a release configuration, and I didn't notice :-P)


First release!  Version 20140716.  I wanted to add more features.  But, if I wait until I finish all the features that I want to add, it's going to take infinity.  I decided to make it open now.  I'll keep developing and newer versions will be available.

Comments are welcome.  Send E-Mail to: 


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