Viewing Control

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By Keyboard + Mouse

When you need to quickly change view, you can press SHIFT key and drag the mouse.

SHIFT+Left button drag     Move

SHIFT+Right button drag    Rotate

SHIFT+Both button drag    Zoom/Unzoom


By View-Control Dialog

View-Control Dialog has the following functionalities.


Mode Button

From left to right, SHIFT+Mouse drag to control view, Left-button drag for rotation, and Left-button drag for scroll.


Rotation Button

You can rotate the view by clicking these buttons.


Scroll Button

You can move (scroll) the view by these buttons.  The cross-hair button will bring the view target to the center of the currently-editing model.


Axial-View Button

By clicking these buttons, you can align your view direction to one of the coordinate axes.


Lock Button

Rotation lock and scroll lock.


Zoom / Unzoom / and Projection Mode

From left to right, zoom, unzoom, and change projection mode.  Projection mode can toggle between orthogonal projection and perspective projection.


View Target Button

"Look At" button will move the camera so that the coordinate in the text box will come to the window center, and the camera will orbit around this coordinate.

"Last View" button will bring the view point to the previous state before last view change (such as view change by opening a new model)

"Look At Cut-Buffer" will move the view point to the information stored in the cut-buffer.

"Save View" and "Load View" saves the viewpoint to / load the viewpoint from a file.