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Fujitsu Micro 7 Series Ressurection Utility

The purpose of the programs you can download from here is to resurrect an 8-bit computer called FM-7 and its variant from 1980s.

For example, you can write a code for FM-7 on Windows, test on an emulator, then use one of the tools here to transfer to the actual machine.

If you happen to be a former FM-7 user, and if you have a program that you want to run on the actual computer, but you only have a disk image for the emulator, you can use a tool here to write-back the disk image on the actual computer by transferring the image via the data-recorder interface.

For this purpose, all I needed was to write a file into a .D77 disk image or .T77 tape image or a .WAV file.  I didn't read something from those images.  Nonetheless, I ended up writing a program to read a FM-7 file from a disk image formatted in the F-BASIC format.  Well, it's a kind of self memo for the future.

By the way, I had to do a lot of reverse engineering.  I already forgot disk format of F-BASIC.  My program may destroy your disk image.  Therefore, always take backups before giving to my programs.

I acknowledge that I used a set of tools written by Mr. Apollo called FTOOLS to reverse engineer XM7 data formats.  Also the FM-7 emulator XM7 helped a lot in writing and testing FM-7 code.  I thank all developers who was involved in the development of XM7 and supporting tools.

I recognized that there are a few FM-7 series users outside Japan who are still maintaining and using the computers, and I am hoping this tool will help those users.

But, the spring semester is starting and I couldn't spend time for writing English translation of the documentations.

I make all source code open.  You can read.  If you are able to keep FM-7 series computer alive, you should be able to read C++ code easily.

Good luck!


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