Memories of FM-TOWNS


You can download some programs I developed when I was an undergrad.  (One of them was developed when I was in high school.)  An excellent FM-TOWNS emulator is now available, and these programs can be used on the emulator.  Each program is in the form of an FD image (.XDF format) so that you can directly use them in the emulator.

During my undergrad, I was writing freeware programs almost every day.  I had very few days that I did not look at C or assembler code.

FM-TOWNS Emulator UNZ  developed by Kasanova



This program was published on a magazine called Computer Fan.  There's a simple campaign mode.  I think this was the best program I wrote for FM-TOWNS.

At that time, floating point processing was extremely slow.  I had to use 16bit/16bit fixed-point processing for calculating aerodynamics.

Some techniques learned in this program is still used in YSFLIGHT.  I'm not using fixed-point processing any longer though.  Nowadays, the FPU is fast enough.



The problem of a flight simulator with a certain level of fidelity aerodynamics computation is its difficulty of flying.  Because I wrote a 3D graphics engine for Air Raider, I tried to make an easier 3D flying game, and made this one.



Similar concept to Tactical Air Wing.  I made a flying game dedicated to the ground attack.

You fly F-117 and A-10 and destroy ground targets.  There is some anti-air artillery fire from the ground.



When I was in a chat room for FM-TOWNS users, I talked with friends about good old simple games.  The computer games became too complex.  We were missing simple games.

So, I made it.  It's simple.  It's simple.  There's no gravity.  Just fly and shoot the enemies.



If you think it is "Dragon Buster," it is.  Sort of.  When namco released Dragon Buster, I thought that sword-swing games will break.  I was apparently wrong though.  But, I liked sword-swing type of games a lot, and I ended up with writing my own.

Actually, I ported this program to Windows.  You can download the Windows version from here.



I wrote this 360 degree 3D maze long before Doom came out....



Although I believe FM-TOWNS was the best PC of 80486DX era, it was minor.  It was before people realized the importance of computer industry.  So, many necessary tools were not available.  In particular, I wanted use my FM-TOWNS for drawing diagrams, but there was no drawing tool.

So, I made by myself.  In fact, my first attempt was a miserable failure, and I learned the power of object-oriented programming through the failure.  I took the concept of data encapsulation in the second attempt, and worked pretty well.  Now I can tell you why experiencing failure is good for learning.

Because I didn't have F-BASIC386 CD-ROM handy, Mr. Kasanova, the creator of UNZ, kindly captured the screen and sent the picture to me.


When Fujitsu released FM-TOWNS, a music editor called "Music Pro Towns" was supposed to be available.  I was waiting for that program because it allows to edit music scores directly and play it.  However, the software was delayed.

So, I developed it.  It's written in BASIC, and you can edit music score on the program, and the program plays it.

I received a 2nd place award of Japan High School PC Software contest when I was a junior of my high school.



When FM-TOWNS came out, it was only one PC that could run a ported version of SEGA Afterburner II.  However, due to a bad design of joy-pad, it was virtually unplayable.  So, I reverse engineered the program and made modifications to make it easier to play.  This program patches the executable of Afterburner II for FM-TOWNS.  Of course, you need to have Afterburner II for FM-TOWNS CD-ROM.  I don't know if you can buy it now.



I used the same 3D maze engine used in YSDEMO, and made this 3D maze program.  It's purely a 3D maze game.  Only thing you need to do is to walk to the exit.