Wings Over Pittsburgh 2002

Here are the photos from the Wings Over Pittsburgh 2002 airshow. This airshow was on June 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun). Main attractions were B-2 fly-by on Saturday, and U.S. Airforce Thunderbirds on Sunday. Of course I went there both two days. I spent six rolls of slide films, but not too many successful shots. Wings Over Pittsburgh is a challenging airshow to take photos because airplanes fly south side of the audience; i.e., the sun is nearly behind the airplanes. However, several shots came very nicely.

B-2 fly-by. I think this became my current best photo of B-2. A tip of air-intake is visible.

F-117 fly-by. This one is definitely currently my best photo of F-117.

Actually, this JPG picture doesn't look very impressive, but if I look at the original slide, it's nearly a perfect shot.

F-15's high-speed fly-by. This picture got a little motion-blur. F-15 was flying really fast this time.

F-16 landing after an aerobatic display.

I took many shots of Thunderbirds, but they were not as impressive as my previous Thunderbirds photos. One reason is because I've taken so many shots of Thunderbirds already. But, I'll try again for the better photos. (It's like a hunting, isn't it?)