Airplane Photo Gallery

2016/07/16-17 Toledo Air Show
2016/06/18-19 Dayton Air Show
2016/05-06 Miho Air Show (Blue Impulse), F-2 at Matsushima Air Base etc.
2016/05/22 Latrobe Air Show (Snowbirds, practice session only)
2015/09/05-07 Cleveland Air Show (Thunderbirds)
2015/07/20-21 Dayton Air Show (Thunderbirds)
2015/05-06 Japan Tour of an Airplan Fan 2015 (Miho air show)
2014/09 Cleveland Air Show (I forgot organizing pictures!)
2014/06/28-29 Dayton Air Show (Blue Angels)
2014/06/07 Latrobe Air show (Blue Angels)
2014/05/09-25 Japan Tour of an Airplane Fan 2014 (Matsushima, Iruma, and Haneda)
2013/09/07 Waukegan Air Show
2013/07/07-23 Japan Tour of an Airplane Fan 2013 (Iruma, Fukuoka, and Haneda)
2013/06/22-23 Dayton air show (B-29 "FiFi", F-86, Mig-17, etc.)
2013/06/15 Airpower History Tour at Allegheny County Airport (B-29 "FiFi", C-45, P-51, Stearman)
2012/10/05-07 San Francisco Fleet Week (Blue Angels, F-22, etc.)
2012/09/08 Waukegan Air Show (Snowbirds, A-10, F-18, etc.)
2012/09/02-03 Cleveland Air Show (Blue Angels, F-22 Fly by)
2012/07/15 Lost Nation Air Show
2012/07/07-08 Dayton Air Show (Blue Angels, A-4 Skyhawk)
2012/07/01 Mid Atlantic Air Museum at Reading
2012/06/22 Latrobe Air Show (Blue Angels)
2011/10/22-28 Paris Trip of an Airplane Fan (Concorde at the Museum of Air and Space)
2011/09/10-11 Wings Over Pittsburgh
2011/09/03-05 Cleveland Air Show (Thunderbirds)
2011/08/20 Latrobe Air Show
2011/07/23-24 Dayton Air Show
2010/12/25-2011/01/09 Japan Tour of an Airplane Fan 2011 (Atsugi and Matsushima bases)
2010/09/11-12 Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show (Thunderbirds, Sea Harrier)
2010/09/04-05 Cleveland Air Show (Blue Angels)
2010/07/17 Dayton Air Show (Blue Angels)
2010/05/21-22 Seattle Trip (B787s waiting to be delivered to airlines.)
2010/05/15-16 Chino Planes of Fame Air Show (WWII Airplane including Japanese A6M5 Zero fighter!)
2009/10/25 Hill Aerospace Museum
2009/08/08 Youngstown Air Show
2009/07/18-19 Dayton Air Show (Thunderbirds, Brazilian Air Force Smoke Squadron)
2008/11/30-2009/01/05 Japan Tour of an Airplane Fan (Atsugi, Iruma, Matsushima air bases, etc.)
2008/09/01 Cleveland Air Show (Blue Angels etc.)
2008/07/19-20 Dayton Air Show (AH-64, F-104, F-22, etc.)
2008/05/10 Wings Over Pittsburgh (F-22, Canadian Air Force Snowbirds, etc.)
2007/09/29 Columbus "The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends" air show (A lot of P-51s and a F-22)
2007/09/02-03 Cleveland Air Show (Thunderbirds, F-15E, F-86, F-18F etc.)
2007/07/28-29 Dayton Air Show (Thunderbirds, Brazilian Air Force's Smoke Squadron)
2007/07/12 Visiting The Museum of Flight in Seattle (Concorde G-BOAG etc.)
2007/06/16-17 Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show (Thunderbirds, F-15E etc.)
2007/05/23 Photos from Japan Trip.  Matsushima Air Base, Haneda Int'l Airport, and Iruma Air Base
2006/10/15 MCAS Miramar Air Show (Blue Angels, MV-22 Osprey, F-117, etc.)
2006/09/03 Cleveland Air Show (Blue Angels etc.)
2006/07/30 Dayton Air Show (Blue Angels etc.)
2006/07/08-09 Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show (Blue Angels etc.)
2006/06/17-18 NAS Willow Grove Air Show (Thunderbirds etc.)
2006/01/01-31 Photos from Japan Trip.  Including Matsushima Airbase, Tokyo Haneda Int'l Airport, and Iruma Airbase.
2005/09/03 Cleveland Airshow (B-1, A-10, P-51, F-18, Thunderbirds, and WW II Airplanes)
2005/07/16-17 Dayton Airshow
2005/07/09-10 Wings Over Pittsburgh 2005
2004/08/28 Toledo Airshow
2004/07/31 Commemorative Air Force at Allegheny County Airport (B-29 Superfortress "FiFi")
2004/06/19 Wings Over Pittsburgh 2004
2003/08/07 Concorde Watching Tour at Heathrow
2003/06/11 Matsushima Airbase, plus some shots from Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport
2002/09/02 Cleveland International Airshow, including U.S.Airforce Thunderbirds!
2002/07/28 JASDF Matsushima Airshow (and practice flights for the show) Including JASDF Blue Impulse!
2002/06/23 Wings Over Pittsburgh 2002
2000/06/10 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int'l Airport. Armed Forces Airshow 2000 Including U.S. Navy Blue Angels!
2000/03/29 New York, Concorde at JFK airport and U.S.S. Intrepid Sea, Air, Space Museum
1999/07/31 ARMED FORCES AIR SHOW in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int'l Airport. F-18 and Thunderbirds!
1999/07/23 Dayton Air and Trade Show. Including WWII Fighters,A-10,F-14 etc.... +USAF Thunderbirds!
1999/07/22 United States Airforce Museum. Including F-22!
1999/07/10 Thunder Over Niagara. Including B-1,F-14,F-15,F-18 and USAF Thunderbirds(23 pictures)
1998/03/04 Matsushima Airbase F-2 Crosswind Landing Test(3 pictures)
1997/12/12, 12/18 Lisbon (12/12), Charles De Gaulle (12/18) CONCORDE(25 pictures)
1997/08/16-17 NAS Miramar Air Show including Blue Angels!(32 pictures)
1997/07/27 Matsushima Air Show(16 pictures)
1997/07/13 Akita Defense Festival(3 pictures)
1997/06/29 Atsugi Air Show(23 pictures)

Miho Air Show (11 pictures)

1996/04/13 Atsugi Wings96 (1 picture)
1995/11/?? Hamamatsu Air Show (1 picture)
1995/11/03 Iruma Air Show (1 picture)
1995/08/27 Miramar Air Show (17 pictures)
1994/12/04 New-Tabaru Air Show (6 pictures)
1994/10/08 Iruma Air Show (10 pictures)
1994/08/21 Matsushima Air Show (1 picture)
1994/08/10 Misawa Air Show (15 pictures)
1994/06/?? Atsugi Air Base From Outside (2 pictures)
1994/04/08 Atsugi Wings94 (1 picture)
1992/06/20 Yokota Open House (1 picture)
1992/04/11 Atsugi Air Show (2 pictures)

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