YS FLIGHT SIMULATION SYSTEM 2000 Past Update Log (2003-2006)




YSFLIGHT Version 20060828 is now ready for download!  Major new features are as follows.

  • Ground texture in OpenGL version.
  • Landing practice mode
  • Key word search in the airplane selection screen (Ctrl+F)
  • In every view mode, the user can zoom / unzoom by mouse wheel.
  • "Use dead zone" option in the joystick assignment dialog.
  • A functionality can be assigned to a joystick axis or a button by moving the axis fully up and down or pressing the button.
  • DME
  • When flying with a recorded airplane, the user can continue flying after the flight record is over.
  • Lowered the network load a little.
  • The server can choose whether an airplane far away and low is shown on the radar or not.
  • New airplanes : Airbus 300 , 320, Boeing 737, Avro Lancaster, Hawker Hurricane

There are more new features, but above points are the major ones.


YSFLIGHT Version 20051102 is now online!  New additions/modifications in this update is as follows.

  • New airplanes: Red Arrows Hawk, B-29, G4M.
  • Rotating turrets of bombers.
  • The player can rotate AH-64's gun (with mouse by default)
  • Solid cloud.
  • OpenGL version uses "display lists" to draw a scene more efficiently.  (This feature can be turned off if the graphics driver cannot handle display lists correctly.)
  • Polygon with gradation in a map.
  • The light source can be shifted from straight up.
  • When flying with recorded airplanes, the player can continue flight even after all records are over.


A bug is found in 20050402 version; the server crashes when you type '%' plus certain characters as chat message.  Please apply the patch from download page to fix the problem.


I run a server during the Japanese big holidays, until May 8th.  The address of the server is:   The server is reset once every six hours.  Have fun!  :-)


YSFLIGHT for Linux, improved interface (a little) version is now available.  Please click here to go to the download page.
<- Screenshot


YSFLIGHT official version 20050402 is now online!  The major changes from the previous version are as follows.

  • New airplanes:  A6M5 Zero, Spitfire, Focke-Wulf 190, P-51, Piper Archer, and Diamond Eclipse
  • New sceneries: Crescent Island, Slapstick, and Heathrow (Heathrow is kind of under construction though.)
  • Close Air Support mission
  • Instrument Panels for Airliners and prop Airplanes.
  • Solid smoke for missiles (if you choose smoke type "Solid Smoke" in config.)
  • Some bombers are now equipped with bomb bay doors.
  • Mid Range Missiles, 250lb Light Bombs
  • New missions: fleetbattle1.yfs, fleetbattle2.yfs
  • New network option: Resetting server once every specified time period.
  • New network option: No weapon at all.


I added some screenshots in the screenshot section.


I'm adding instrument panel.  Probably some of you were feeling unnatural to see Head Up Display in some airliners and old airplanes. I hope it'll make you feel better.

(Screenshots have been moved to the screenshot section.)


I received a bug report that the server can crash when a user tries to retrieve a list of the users if the network option "Free Memory when Possible" is on, and the report has been confirmed.  Please do one of the following options to resolve this issue.

(1) Turn off "Free Memory When Possible" option.


(2) Download and extract the patch from here, and replace fsmain.exe and fsmaino.exe in the YSFLIGHT install directory.

If you choose the second option, and if you experience further instability or crash, please re-install YSFLIGHT, and do the first option.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


YSFLIGHT 20040914 version is now online!


YSFLIGHT 20040113 version is now online!


Untested version for debugging purpose is now available.

Because I released the new version lately, I started another big modification of YSFLIGHT.  I've been cleaning up the internal program structure, and it's now nearly complete.  It allows me to use more modeless dialogs and Windows' GUI features.  And, the ICON of the next version will be Concorde  :-)

And, I had been struggling with drawing graphics with OpenGL on a window given by VC++'s SCRNSAVE.LIB.  However, for some reason, I succeeded in drawing OpenGL graphics on a window given by VC++'s SCRNSAVE.LIB.  I have no idea why I could not do it before and can do it today.  But, it definitely make the codes of 3D Dogfight Screensaver and 3D Landing Screensaver cleaner.  If I check it and confirm it is stable enough, I'll update the two screensavers.

I'm receiving many questions regarding the location for downloading the new version.  It's the same location.

I'm also receiving many questions regarding vertical take-off and landing of Harrier.  Please read the manual.  (It clearly says PageUp and PageDown to control the nozzle position.)

For the meanwhile, I post pictures of Concorde model, which will be included in the next version, which I hope I can release early next year.

Released the new version! (20030712 version).  Major changes from the previous version are:

- Two VTOL aircrafts, AV-8B Harrier and UH-60 Blackhawk are added.
- Hawaii map.
- Gradual blackout/redout in OpenGL version.
- Night flight mode.
- New visual effects in OpenGL version.
- Changed the default installation directory to C:\Program Files\YSFLIGHT.COM\YSFLIGHT.
- The port number for network play is configurable.

I did not fix some bugs reported lately if they are not too serious.  But, I'll fix them in the future release.  I really appreciate your help in finding bugs, and please help me finding bugs in the future releases  :-)

Uploaded a test version for debug purpose.


3D Landing Screensaver (shareware $15) is released!


Four screenshots are added.  VTOL fans, please wait a little more :-)


Released YSFLIGHT Ver. 20021205B.  This version is equivalent to 20021205 version + the patch released on 12/26.  (But, because some data files are also updated, something like an arresting wire is drawn on an aircraft carrier.)


Added two screenshots of Hawaii map that will be hopefully released sometime May or June.  Click here to see them.

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