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CaptainYS's Flight Logbook 2020

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2000th Landing Logged!

I have logged 2000th landing during my flight on 11/14. Of course, there should have been mis-counting, so the real number could be a few more or less, but on the logbook, it is 2000. Cleared one milestone.


It's already January 19 while I was procrastinating!

So far, I have (including flight on 1/8):

Total Flying Time    761.1

Total Landings    1928

Total Night Landings    173

PIC    678.1

Solo    156.2

Cross Country as PIC    233.2

Night PIC    47.1

Dual Instruction    292.7

Dual Cross Country    30.5

Dual Night    27.3

Hood    115.9

Actual IMC    12.7

Approaches    303

Holdings   58

PCATD    5.3

Birds Killed    2 +1 unconfirmed kill  (Rest In Peace....)

Last year, I flew a lot after getting vaccinated. Flew over San Francisco and Moterey, Niagara Falls, Bloop Museum, Columbus. I barely missed 50 hours per year goal. I hope this year I can reach 50 hours. Also I get serious about becoming a CFI. Let's see how far I can go!

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