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YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Version 20181124

Not all programs in YSFLIGHT.COM are open source.  But, you can download some of the source code from the following URL.

In Progress:

When you try to run a program downloaded from this web site, you may see a warning like "This program is not digitally signed."  Code signature was invented for improving the computer security.  However, it added a new (and evil) purpose now, which is to decimate individual developers like myself.  A code signature used to be unreasonably expensive.  But, now it is not just expensive.  No matter how much money you pay, a code signature is not issued to an individual programmer.  It is obviously an infringement of freedom of publishing a software.  But, I can do nothing about it.  My main job as a programmer is secure even if one day I cannot publish a software, but what a boring world would it be?


Happy New Year!

I have spent majority of my time during the winter break for Fujitsu FM TOWNS preservation project.  It started because the FM TOWNS II MX (originally released in 1993, 28 years old computer!) unit that I bought from Yahoo! Auction came with a bad internal CD-ROM drive.  Then I found that many of the working FM TOWNS unit suffers from broken internal CD-ROM drive.  I was looking for a way to substitute an external SCSI CD-ROM drive to a broken internal CD-ROM drive, and developed a single driver that does it in November.  This is the computer model that I grew up with.  I don't let it die without resisting.  Then I made some major improvements.  And wrote patches to some programs that did not work with my driver.  I am thinking to add more patches when I find a game title that does not run with my driver.  I think I made a good contribution to the preservation of historic Japanese computer models.

What about YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR development?  Sorry, for the past two years, I was spending majority of my free time (aside from bowling and flying) for an effort to preserve Fujitsu 8-bit computer FM-7 series and then 32-bit computer FM TOWNS series.  I'll spend time for YSFLIGHT again when this project winds down.  Actually I need to upload a macOS version that supports high-resolution mode in OS Catalina.  I hope Apple doesn't drop OpenGL support, but if Apple really do that, I'll need to drop YSFLIGHT macOS support until I find an alternative and good graphics library.  Vulkan is a crap.  I want to ask Vulkan people, if you want that much performance, why don't you write in assembly?  Probably less than 1% of the programmers who can use OpenGL will be able to use Vulkan.  Absolutely not for education.  Vulkan is a crap.

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