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YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Version 20181124

Not all programs in YSFLIGHT.COM are open source.  But, you can download some of the source code from the following URL.


YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Version 20181124 Available for Download!

Thank you for your patience!  YSFLIGHT Ver 20181124 is ready for download!

Added Fujitsu FM-7/77 Disk Image Write-Back Utility

Updated FM77AV/AV20/AV40 Wireless Keyboard Emulator.


Thank you for your patience!  YSFLIGHT Ver 20181124 is ready for download!  Major changes are as follows.

- Shadow mapping in OpenGL 2.x version.
- Particle rendering for clouds and smokes.
- Particle rendering support in OpenGL 1.1 and Direct3D9 executables.
- Added Air-Racing mode. Quite primitive, but it at least measures time to pass all check points for you.
- Massively and automatically tested add-ons. I hope the ones stopped working now works again.
- Stopped using Windows installer. I am tired of it.
- SRF models in .FLD file. Older preliminary implementation was checking bounding-box collision, but it now check polygon-by-polygon collision.
- Separated ILS view and Tower view (I think I made it back to same as previous versions.)

When you try to run YSFLIGHT, you may be seeing a security warning from your operating system stating that the executable binary is not code-signed.  The purpose of he code signature is to confirm that the program is written by a known person and not altered by a malicious hand.  The purpose itself is very correct.

Information security is extremely important.  There is no question about that.  We hear security breaches, stolen information, identity thiefts, and all sorts of crimes.  Many of those incidents originate from a malicious program.  Of course, the responsibility is primarily on a person who wrote such a malicious program.  Such a programmers should be locked for life without parole.

But unfortunately there are even more cowardly groups of people.  There are some companies called certificate authorities who are responsible for issuing digital certificates including code-signing certificates.  Those companies are taking advantage of the security problems and cowardly trying to decimate individual free-software programmers.

Code-signing certificate used to be too expensive for individuals.  Most of them used to cost like $500 per year.  Not just one-time payment every year you have to pay.  I wanted to get one for my projects.  Yeah, it is not impossible to pay $500 per year, but I couldn't justify to do it for my free-software projects.  This time one of the long-time YSFLIGHT users raised a concern about the security warning.  So, I did shop around again.  I then found $179 per year certificate from COMODO.  I paid for it, only to hear that they no longer issue a certificate for individual developers.

I looked into other major certificate authorities, too.  None of them issues a code-signing certificate to individuals any more.  They apparently are united and are trying to destroy individual developers.  It is not just unaffordable.  It is now impossible for an individual developer to get a certificate.  It is not right.  I don't understand how it is allowed.  The certificate authorities are intentionally trying to decimate individual programmers like myself.

Therefore, it is not what I like, but I am not able to sign my programs available from YSFLIGHT.COM.  I just release my programs without signature.  I can do nothing about it.  Probably those cowards will win.  Individual free-software developers will eventually extinct.  All I can do is to tell what's going on on this web site.


Still no words from  For the meanwhile, folks outside Japan can download YS FLIGHT 20181124 version from already.

First Flight of the Year

I flew from Beaver today.

I had to cancel flight so many times due to bad weather.  I hope we have more flyable days this year.

I flew a local flight from Beaver.  I haven't practiced maneuvers for a while, so I thought to practice some this time.  After flying steep turns a few times, I noticed another airplane came into the proximity and started practicing maneuvers.  I think he was doing Power-On Stalls.  I picked a large gap of the clouds and climbed through it. 

FM TOWNS Internal SCSI connector pin assignments

If you are an owner of a classic Fujitsu PC, FM TOWNS, and if you are trying to put your hard-disk emulator such as SCSI2SD internal, WAAAAAAIT!!!

Do you have an adapter to be inserted between your SCSI2SD and FM TOWNS' internal SCSI connector?  Aren't you trying to directly connect your SCSI2SD to the internal SCSI connector because it is a rectangular 50-pin connector just like a standard SCSI connector?


You need to insert an adapter between the FM TOWNS' internal SCSI connector and the SCSI device.

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