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FM77AV / AV40 Resurrection Project: Infra-Red wireless keyboard emulator

If you are a classic-computer lover, and if you want to get a FM77AV or FM77AV40 unit from Japan, like Yahoo! Auction, you can often find a unit in a good condition.  But, for some reason, most of a unit doesn't come with a keyboard.  In such situations, this Infra-Red wireless keyboard emulator can help.  (It is not for FM77AV20EX/40EX/40SX which does not have an Infra-Red sensor.)


FM-7/77 series resurrection utility

If you happen to own a Japanese retro PC called FM-7/77 series with a disk drive, and your original floppy disk went bad but you have a back up disk images in .D77 format, these utilities might help writing disk image back to a fresh floppy disk.


Happy New Year!

I was staying in San Francisco during the break, came back in an overnight red-eye flight, and then caught cold.

We were there to eat fresh seafood there.  Typical Japanese tourist visiting San Francisco probably would visit more touristic places, but we were there for food.  We are living in Pittsburgh and starving for fresh seafood.

I stayed there for four days, and rented a Cessna 172 on the last day to fly a Bay-Tour course with an instructor.  I was unfamiliar with the airspace around SFO, and the airspace is much more complex than Pittsburgh.  We have Pittsburgh class B and several class D airspaces with good isolated distance.  San Francisco area is covered by entwined class B, C, and D airspaces.  It would take several flying with an instructor to be confident in such a complex airspace.

Detail of the flight is here.

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