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YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Ver. 20150425 (for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Polygon Crest 20160221


YSFLIGHT Test Version 20170314
Sorry, Shadow-Map was off in the package I uploaded yesterday.  It is fixed in the new package. 


YSFLIGHT Test Version 20170313
Added Console Server for macOS.  Also maps are now drawn depth-tested.  I believe (hope) elevated maps should be drawn correctly in this version.

1,500 logged landings!
I flew a cross-country to Dayton International (KDAY) yesterday.  When i came back, I did one touch & go, and then full stop.  That gave me 1,500th logged landings.
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Compiling Universal Windows Platform + OpenGL ES 2.0 Program with CMake (Updated)
Since CMake 3.8rc1, you can link a .targets file that comes in NuGet package.  This new feature allows you to download a NuGet package of OpenGL ES library and link it with a Universal Windows App all in CMake scripts.  (By the way, I contributed to the CMake project my code to enable this feature.)


(Finally!) I had time to organize photos from 2016 Toledo air show.  I first thought it was going to be a small local air show, but I was wrong.  It was much more fun and bigger than I expected.


Synchronously Getting File Listing in a Directory in Universal Windows App in C++

Universal Windows Platform API very often require asynchronous processing (IAsyncOperation).  At first, I thought it was a failed API design.  Requiring asynchronous processsing for just getting file listing of a local directory is too much.  It's a failed API design, I thought at first.

But, I figured that all I need to do is to run it in a different thread.  Just by getting file listing in a different thread, you can do it synchronously.  If someone is having a same problem, it might be a help.

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YSFLIGHT Test Version 20170122 available for download.


Happy New Year!

Fall semester went just as usual.  I have taught this introductory programming course many times by now, and I know what materials to cover and how much time should be used where.  But, last spring-semester course, advanced-level course was difficult.  It was finalized in November, two months before the semester started.  I had very short time to prepare.  What made it more difficult was some contents that I was planning to cover was overlapping with other courses and had to drop them.  I was totally under-prepared.  This time there is no such excuse.  I must spend time and well prepare for the comin semester, but...

I ended up spending looooong time playing a classic RPG called Xanadu and Xanadu Scenario 2 by Falcom.  I have purchased the re-make version based on an official PC-8801SR emulator, two years ago, and the package had been sitting in my bookshelf.  By the way I'm wondering why Falcom does not sell the English-translation of those titles.  They are such a nice games.  If they need a translator, I'll be more than happy to volunteer.  Xanadu was released in 1986 and Xanadu Scenario 2 in 1988.

I ended up with starting these two games to test my program for stitching screenshots together to make a 1:1 scale map of 2D role-playing games.  I was browsing a Japanese Amazon ( late November, when I realized a package called Xanadu Perfect Collection was available.  It was a re-make version of Xanadu series.  It included for the first time a re-make version of Revival Xanadu 2.  Actually, the package was on sale a year ago.  The package was sold for pre-order only.  I knew it too late to place an order.

But, I really wanted it.  I played Xanadu and Xanadu Scenario 2 on my old 8-bit FM77AV when I was a junior-high student.  I was away from the Xanadu series for  long, but after I moved to Pittsburgh.  I imported and played the re-make version called Revival Xanadu.  Then I played the more modern version called Xanadu Next last winter.  So, I have played three Xanadu titlesmade for PC, Scenario 1 (Revival 1 is same as Scenario 1), Scenario 2, and Next.  But, only one made for a PC, Revival Xanadu 2, was only available for PC-9801, and never ported to Windows until this Xanadu Perfect Collection.  It was too late to buy it new.  But, some sellers were selling it at almost twice the original price.  I took it, and asked my co-worker who is visiting Japan this winter to pick it up for me.

I won't receive it early enough to play this winter break, but I'll be able to put my hand on it during the spring break or summer.  When I played Scenarios 1 and 2, I bought the game package and a cheating book together.  I had just followed the book to the ending.  But, if I play a new title (new to me) now, I want to clear without such a guide book.  Playing with a cheating book is just like traveling with a tour guide.  Playing by myself is like exploring an uncharted territory.

If I play without such a cheating information, what is essential is field maps.  I will need to make a map by myself.  Suddenly the idea came to my mind.  It's a classic 2D game.  If I take screenshots, trim, and stitch together, I can make a 1:1 scale map.  Of course, if you do it in a general image editor, it will take infinity.  But, if I write a program, I should be able to do it.

So I did write a program.  I pull out Dragon Slayer Chronicle that I bought two years ago, and started Xanadu Scenario 1 to test my program.  I was playing and enhancing my program simultaneously.  It went very well.  Then I couldn't resist starting Scenario 2.  As a side-effect, I am able to type non-English (UNICODE) characters into a text-box widget of my GUI library.  This will be also available in YSFLIGHT.  (I need to upload a test version!)

I will also release this Retro RPG Map Tool soon. 

By the way, I flew this Friday.  For whatever reason, the runway was not plowed and snow-covered.  It was a bit of real-world soft-field take-off and landing.  Mmy actual PIC (my PIC time without a presence of current CFI) reached 300.  U.S. regulation allows to log PIC time regardless of the presence of an instructor on board after you get a license.  But, Japanese regulation does.  Although my chance of flying as a pilot in Japan is nearly zero, I keep track in my Excel version logbook.  This year, I expect to reach 600 total flying time, and 1500 landings.


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